Advanced Troops are a troop type which could be trained in the Training Ground, just like Regular Troops. They’re fundamentally the comparable to Regular Troops but have slightly different attack boosts based on the troop type they’re fighting.

All troop specific types receive an attack boost confronting their strong troop type. Advanced Troops however, get 2 times the attack amplify when attacking their strong troop type. The bad part is that when attacking an identical troop type (e.g. Tactical vs. Tactical) they gain a 50% damage reduction. The following is a sample comparing the separation in boosts of one’s new Counter Terrorist tactical troop versus the regular Soldier:

As we discussed, advanced troops perform great deal of extra damage against their strong troop type but suffer a damage reduction when attacking the equivalent troop type.
Anything and everything being equal, the overall damage output is increased so using advanced troops will rise your total damage output.

Additionally they cost the equivalent to produce as regular troops giving you receive more damage for your buck. remember that, the defense stats are equivalent for the two troop kinds.

Use Advanced Troops or Regular Troops?

Once you completed both research trees, it is best to generally use Advanced Troops as there is definitely a overall damage rise in most scenarios. The exception to this particular is when you ever end up needing to attack an all-Infantry Army and all you have already is Infantry. Then use regular troops.

Let us identify the the Negatives of Advanced Troops?

There are a couple of cons to Advanced Troops. The initial being the cost. To unlock them you must have to finialize a second, more costly research tree. Assuming you are a spender then this may not be a major issue, however for other people, this calls for a big quantity of additional resources. Also, your Advanced Troops won’t gain from the Troop Attack and Troop Defense research from the Regular Combat tree. Which means before you have completed this research, your Advanced Troops will probably be receiving smaller boosts for their attack and defense.

The other disadvantage is probably the 50% damage reduction when attacking troops considering the same type. Generally, this shouldn’t be a lot of a concern as in most scenarios your total damage will go up however you need to mindful that sometimes there can be a damage reduction

Most boosts relate to both troop types. Currently, the only exceptions those within the combat research tree itself plus some Prototype Gear ?that doesn’t? always offer symmetrical boosts